Top Ten Watches

Top Ten Watches. What is the best watch? Top 10 Watches – the Best Swiss Watches, Best Sport Watches and Best Jewelry Watches in the world.

Here are the top watch brands in the world, ranked according to categories. You cannot go wrong buying from these brands.

Best Swiss Watches

IWC Watches

Schaffhausan, Switzerland

IWC watches are of the highest quality. Well known among timepiece connoisseurs, IWC has been making top-tier watches since 1868. The company emphasizes master craftsmanship, specialist skills and timeless styles. Each watch is a collectible, made only in limited quantities.

Vacheron Constantin

Geneva, Switzerland

Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is also Switzerland’s oldest watchmaker. The Kalla collection, an exclusive women’s collection, has watches made of gemstones; the Malte collection, an exclusive men’s collection, has watches with sword-shaped hands and a Maltese cross on the face.


Geneva, Switzerland

Rolex is synonymous with luxury and refinement. Each Rolex watch is meticulously designed; Rolex timepieces are a superb addition to any watch collection.

Best Jewelry Watches


Paris, France

Cartier is perhaps best known as a brand-name jeweler. Its timepiece collection is equally impression. This collection began with the Santos in 1904, a watch Louis Cartier named after Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.

Best Sport Watches

TAG Heuer

Marin, Switzerland

For the best sport watches and best dive watches, you cannot go wrong with TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer is world renown for its sports watches and chronographs. World sporting events, national and international, rely on TAG Heuer watches to record the times. You will see TAG Heuer chronographs in use at the Olympic Games. These watches are renown for their precision and meticulous design.

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