Nutrients for Healthy Skin

Nutrients for Healthy Skin. Vitamins for Healthy Skin and Supplements for Healthy Skin.

Vitamin for Healthy Skin: Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps create healthy skin by decreasing oil secretion and thus preventing acne breakouts. Examples of Vitamin A-rich foods include cod liver oil and shellfish. Foods with high levels of beta-carotene, a closely related nutrient, are also highly beneficial. These include spinach, sweet potatoes, kale, sweet potatoes, egg yolks.

Supplements for Healthy Skin: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. These are commonly found in flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, salmon, sardines, tuna, wild game. Be careful not to overdose on tuna, as mercury poisoning is especially serious in tuna. Salmon is a good alternative that is more expensive but much less likely to be contaminated with mercury.

Supplements for Healthy Skin: Zinc

Zinc supplements or zinc-rich foods such as oysters are especially helpful for those with oily and sensitive skin. Examples of good zinc supplements include Heliocare, Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil and Avon’s VitAdvance Acne Clarifying Complex.

Nutrient for Healthy Skin: Plant Phytonutrients

Plant phytonutrients offer effective skin protection especially against skin cancer. The phytonutrient lutein is commonly found in spinach, broccoli and kale, while the phytonutrient lycopene is commonly found in tomatoes.

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