Healthy Meal Plans

Healthy meal plans. How to increase your energy throughout the day by having healthy meals.

Healthy Meals

A lot of active energy depends on your ability to regulate the flow of your energy. If you go for more than four hours at a stretch without eating, your blood sugar levels drop and your energy wanes. Thus, you should spread out your food intake throughout the day, by eating less and more often.

Healthy Meals

Two additional meals

For those of us accustomed to eating three meals a day, practice adding a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon meal.

Meal plans: Make sure your snacks are low-fat, high-fiber, and consist of complex carbohydrates. These require more time to digest, and thus will slowly release energy while helping you avoid blood sugar peaks and troughs.

A mid-afternoon meal in particular helps combat the mid-afternoon lull in energy levels.

Break before each meal

Before each meal, make sure that you take a short break. Walk outside or head to the window, and shift your thoughts to your environs. Disconnect entirely from what you had been working on and give your brain a break.

15 Minute Exercise right after each meal

This is an excellent way to increase your active energy for the rest of the day. According to the Cooper equation, 1 (eating) + 1 (activity) = 10, not 2 – implying that the exercise right after a meal boosts your energy and payoffs tremendously.

As another research notes, moderate physical activity such as walking while the initial digestion is going on essentially pulls oxygen into the body. You will increase your metabolic rates further and experience a strong energy boost that will last you for several hours.

Healthy Meal Plans

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