Pranayama Techniques

Pranayama Techniques. Pranayama yoga techniques and yoga breathing techniques.

Yoga Breathing Techniques

You may have heard of the Sanskrit word pranayama. What does it mean? It actually combines the words prana (vital life force) and yama (discipline). Your prana derives from all the elements of life around you – earth, air, fire, water, ether. Strive to practice yoga at places with highly energy-charged air. You will find these places in nature: oceans, waterfalls, mountains. Your prana will increase naturally.

We tend to take shallow breathes in our daily lives. This will inevitably decrease our health and vitality over time. Instead, practice yoga breathing. Through slow, deep breathes, you will cultivate a calm and focused mind, and a well oxygenated body brimming with energy.

Pranayama Yoga Techniques

All pranayama yoga breathing techniques involve three elements:

Complete breath

Fill your lungs completely with each inhale and empty your lungs completely with each exhale.

Slow deep breathing

Control the inflow of air into your body by lengthening your inhalations and exhalations. Try to equalize the duration of your breaths.

Ujjayi breath

Meaning ‘victorious breath’, this means to create a soft, hissing sound on the back of your throat on each inhale and exhale. You will only be able to generate this sound by breathing in deeply into the back of your throat. Try it now: This tranquil, meditative sound further calms your body and mind and helps you better focus on your practice.

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