History of Dell Computer Corporation

History of Dell Computers

History of Dell Computer Corporation. History of Dell Inc and its rise to success and its current status as one of the top companies on Forbes.

History of Dell Inc

Dell Inc was first known as PCs Limited. Founded by Michael Dell with $1000, Dell Inc was built on the premise that customers wanted lower prices and greater flexibility in choosing their computer components. PCs Limited (Dell) became highly successful even in its first year, making more than $73 million.

Dell Computer Corporation was also different in its direct-to-consumer approach that cuts out the retailer. Systems were advertised in newspapers and magazines for direct sales.

Forbes and History of Dell Computer

By 1992, Dell Computer Corporation had become one of the Forbes 500 largest companies in the world. Dell also started leveraging the power of the web, and began its mobile platform in 1996.

Dell Computer Corporation was later renamed Dell Inc after a shareholders’ meeting in 2003, in recognition of the fact that Dell has expanded beyond computers to other accessory products.

Dell Poor Financial Performance

Nonetheless, Dell has not been doing well in 2006, and has consistently missed its earnings projections. CEO Keith Rollins was forced to resign in 2007, due to the poor performance of the company under him. Michael Dell was reinstated as the CEO.

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