Wholesalers for eBay Sellers

Wholesalers for eBay sellers. eBay selling wholesale? How to find the best wholesalers that offer the most competitive prices.

eBay Selling Wholesale

Congratulations! If you are on this page, you are probably at the stage where you have decided to turn eBay into another powerful stream of income. One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome at first is how to find the lowest-cost products to sell for profit on eBay.

Unfortunately, eBay powersellers are notoriously secretive about their sources. They want to maintain their edge over you so you can never outprice them. Some powersellers spend most of their time online just looking for new sources.

Buying wholesale

Before you even source for wholesalers, you need to first get a sales tax ID number. Most wholesalers will not sell to you unless you already have a tax ID. Also known as a resale certificate, this proves to wholesalers that you are a legitimate business registered with your state.

Where to find wholesalers

One of the best directories of wholesalers available online is wholesale411.com. This director of wholesalers lists all of the largest wholesalers, and even provides trade show schedules, where you can meet with wholesalers in person and negotiate your deals directly.

Other sites I would recommend are www.buylink.com, which helps retailers source products that would usually be difficult to locate, and www.wholesalecentral.com, another directory of wholesalers, importers and liquidators.

From wholesalers to manufacturers

Beyond wholesalers for eBay sellers: While wholesale prices are low, they can go even lower if you manage to find the manufacturers themselves. Cut out the middleman! Sometimes, wholesalers will accidentally use packaging from the manufacturers directly. Based on the name of the manufacturer, try to source for the manufacturer’s contact information online so you can contact the manufacturer directly.

eBay Drop Shipping

Here are some of the best sources for manufacturers online:

  • Alibaba.com – This is one of the largest source of suppliers online. Many foreign manufacturers can be found here.
  • HKTDC (tdctrade.com) – The site of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council is yet another portal that gives you access to many suppliers based in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and China.
  • Thomas Register (thomasregister.com) – The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers is the best source of manufacturers based in the United States and in Canada.

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