E-Business Model

E-Business Model for online businesses. Here are the most successful ones that I have personally come across:

E-Business Strategy 1: Efficiency Based Businesses

Efficiency based businesses revolve around a primary aim: to make people’s lives easier. This type of online business carries no inventory. This business model is not based on any product. Rather, it is an information service based on the desire to help people do things faster and more easily. It profits by helping to connect buyers and sellers more efficiently.

Examples of successful online businesses using this business model include Ebay, Google and Yahoo. Many small businesses have succeeded based on this model.

E-Business Strategy 2: Product-based businesses

Product-based businesses are another highly successful type of online business. Even many products that can only be sold in person are being marketed online – many large store owners have taken their stores online in order to tap into this ever-growing online market.

The good news is: you do not need to have a brand new product that no one else has! Most product-based e-businesses are in fact resellers – they may carry and ship inventory, but this inventory is purchased from other people.

Hobbies can easily be transformed into highly profitable specialty product businesses. Examples of successful specialty product websites.

E-Business Strategy 3: Reseller information products

The thriving information marketing e-business model is the perfect example of an online business made possible by the Internet. Information is the easiest and least expensive item you can distribute online. Yet, if you can create highly quality products that simply repackage public available information, you have the basis for a highly successful information product reseller business.

Perform a google search on websites such as The Drudge Report and FARK.com. Notice that these websites actually provide very little original content. While FARK.com collects the funniest links from all over the Internet, The Drudge Report collects the best news stories from the top Internet news sources.

E-Business Strategy 4: Niche Business

The Internet’s power to aggregate previously dispersed audiences means that niche businesses can be a highly viable and profitable form of online business. There are millions of people on the Internet each day, each of whom brings with him his or her niche interests. There are virtual niche communities all over the Internet: chat rooms, email lists, online stores, blogs. Through the power of search engines such as Google and Yahoo, almost anyone can locate other sites and virtual communities relevant to his niche interest very quickly.

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