How to Remember Names

How to remember names. Remembering names: Why do so many people fail to memorize names, and how do you memorize names well? The most effective tips and advice.

Being unable to memorize names of acquaintances can often lead to moments of embarrassment.

Make sure you hear the name properly

Most people forget other’s names because they did not hear the other person’s name properly in the first place! If the name seems complicated or the other person was a little mumbled in the way he pronounced his name, simply ask him to repeat it, enunciate it or even spell it.

Many people love to heard the sound of their own names, and would be thrilled if you actually show you care about pronouncing it right.

Remembering Names: Picture the name

This is where it gets fun. Substitute ridiculous words or associations to help you remember even the most foreign-sounding names. Examples: Perry (pear), Richards (rich), Siegel (sea gull), Sullivan (sell a van), Todd (toddler), Wagner (wag-ger), Williams (purple cow).

How to Remember Faces

There is no point memorizing a name if you forget the face it belonged to. Most people have no problems recognizing a face. But in order to strengthen the association, look for distinguishing features such as a mole, a high forehead, bushy eyebrows, wide-spaced nostrils, full cheeks, arched lips, cleft chin. Any facial feature that is sufficiently different would help you make a good association.

Link the pictures

Finally, link the pictures together with the technique described here: The Linking Technique. How to remember names? Picture a pear on each of Mr Perry’s bushy eyebrows, sea gulls flying out of Mr Siegel’s wide-spaced nostrils. The more vivid the association, the more likely you will remember the person’s name for life!

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