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Ever thought about what the Bill Gates Email Address is?

Well – what do you think of when the name Bill Gates is mentioned? Some will shout “Harvard dropout!”, others “the world’s richest man!”, but the techies will think “[email protected]”. Bill Gates’ email address is perhaps the most well known – and also the most spammed – in the world.

Nonetheless, it would be almost impossible to reach him at this email, as he receives almost 4 million emails per day – most of it spam. An entire department has been assigned to take care of the spam, so that at most 10 emails actually make it through to Bill Gates’ inbox every day.

Multiple Emails to Contact Bill Gates

That is probably no surprise to you – Bill Gates uses a number of emails. The second most publicized is probably [email protected]. However, he also has a number of private email addresses that are well shielded away from prying eyes. No one would want to sift through all that spam daily!

Bill Gates Email Scam: Steve Ballmer too

The second most spammed person in the world? Steve Ballmer would be a good guess. He hands out his email ([email protected]) wherever he speaks and travels – it would take quite some effort to navigate through the many spam filters he probably needs to have in place!

Steve Ballmer has been Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft since 2000. A billionaire with an estimated networth of $15 billion, he is currently the 43rd richest person in the world.

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