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Bill Gates Bio: Bill Gates was born into a wealthy family with extensive roots in business and politics. While his father was a lawyer, his grandfather was the vice president of a national bank, and his great grandfather – a mayor and state legislator. He was thus born into a thriving atmosphere of ambition and determination.

About Bill Gates at school

Perhaps the most influential of his formative years were spent at Lakeside prep school, a private school with an intense math and science environment. Through the school’s tie-up with the Computer Center Corporation (called C-cubed) in the 1960s, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and other students at Lakeside gained access to computers in their school. That was when they fell totally in love with the world of computers. Bill Gates and Paul Allen began as young hackers who exposed bugs and crashed the Computer Center Corporation systems in various ways.

Bill Gates Information: At Work

Impressed, C-cubed hired Bill Gates and his friends to help discover security loopholes, leading Bill Gates to further develop his passion for computers and computer programming. While still in high school, he had many further opportunities to apply his computer skills: programming a payroll program for Information Sciences Inc, starting a new company (Traf-O-Data) to measure traffic flow, fixing bugs for defense contractor TRW.

Biography on Bill Gates at Harvard

Bill Gates later enrolled at Harvard, but his heart was not in his studies. He spent many nights in front of the school’s computer – and slept in class. As he was not sure what he really wanted to do, Bill Gates enrolled pre-law and took most of the standard freshman classes. Nonetheless, he also enrolled in one of the most difficult math classes at Harvard.

Information on Bill Gates: the Harvard Dropout

Completing the Bill Gates Bio, it was the picture of Altair 8080 on the cover of Popular Electronics that changed the lives of Bill Gates and Paul Allen forever: ‘World’s First Microcomputer Kit to Rival Commercial Models’. When the two saw the headline, they recognized the huge opportunity that lay ahead of them: the home computer market was about to take off, and they would be the ones who made the software for all these new machines. Gates feverishly programmed a BASIC software program that ran perfectly on the Altair 8080, convincing the company to buy the rights to BASIC from Gates and Allen. Within a year, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and founded Microsoft.

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