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Looking for the best, no-nonsense Google Adsense resources and Adsense tools? Be very careful, especially if you are asked to pay a ‘small amount’, for there are many absolute marketing scams out there.

Avoid the fake Google Adsense Resources

Turnkey / Adsense-ready sites are perhaps the most infamous of them all. These packages claim to provide you with large amounts of pre-written articles on different niche topics, or entire sites built on these niche topics. Unfortunately, they don’t work because of an inherent contradiction: search engines hate duplicate content! If Google discovers two similar pages with almost identical content, the duplicate page will either rank extremely poorly, or not get indexed at all.

So the more these rogue marketers sell their turnkey packages, the less effective these ‘Adsense-ready’ sites get – to the point where entire sites are dropped from search engines!

Lesson learnt: Pay money for what actually works, not what costs little and claims to work but never does!

So what works? The Best Google Adsense Resources and Adsense Tools

Some people surf randomly from site to site, reading advertising copies one after another – all of which advertise E-Books or software that claims to do everything for you. Sounds familiar? I was one of them myself, until I discovered these two gems: Site Build It! and Keyword Country.

These two Google Adsense resources are the only power tools you will need to make money from Google Adsense. No need to hunt around the web for any other Adsense money maker, for these two packages alone will be more than enough.

No. 1 Google Adsense Tool: Site Build It!

Site Build It! alone has almost everything that you will need. If you have yet to get it, I strongly recommend that you find out more about SBI Sitesell. With its comprehensive 10-Day Action Guide, articles specific to making money with Adsense, newsletters and support forums, Site Build It! will sail you through the entire site creation process. You will be hand-held throughout the way, from the initial ideas brainstorm to search engine submission and site monetization.

No. 2 Google Adsense Tool: Keyword Country

Apart from Site Build It!, Keyword Country is the only other tool that I deem 100% necessary. Designed specifically to help those who want to make money with Adsense, Keyword Country is the only tool out there that gives you precise (and surprisingly accurate!) data on your predicted Adsense earnings per click for different keywords. The higher your predicted earnings per click, you more money you will make – some keywords pay up to $90 per click!

With this tool, you can easily target the highest paying keywords with your pages, while avoiding the highly competitive keywords. The key is to be a big fish in a small pond – it is much easier to rank in the top 10 for less known keywords that yet pay well than it is to rank well for the most competitive keywords.

Ideally, we want to target the keywords with low competition that yet offer high click-through rates and high earnings per click. SiteSell Brainstorm It is the only tool that actually helps you find top paying keywords with low supply, saving you a lot of time.

No. 3 Google Adsense Tool: Google Adsense Preview Tool

Available as a special IE plug-in, the official Google Adsense Preview Tool helps you preview the type of content and country-specific ads that will likely be listed on your website.

This point is so important I shall stress it again: Site Build It! and Keyword Country are the only power tools you will need to make money with Google Adsense – and build a long-term four to five figure passive source of income!

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