How to Negotiate Salary

How to negotiate salary. How to negotiate a salary raise without pissing your boss off. Negotiating a higher salary successfully and tactfully.

A successful salary negotiation should result in a win-win outcome: you happy with your higher salary, your supervisor assured that you will continue to deliver value to the company.

How to negotiate a Salary Raise

Preparation is key

First, you must establish why you deserve a raise. Do you already have a solid record of outstanding work performance to show for it? Or do you have ambitious plans that have already been clearly thought through and will be followed through with determination?

Establish your target salary and your ‘bottom-line’ salary; make both clear to yourself so you know exactly what the range for negotiation is. Also consider fringe benefits that you may consider. More on that later.

Negotiating a Higher Salary

As Hartman notes, here are four commonly used strategies in negotiating a higher salary:

Combinations: Introduce several positive factors with regard to your performance at the same time. Force your supervisor to reconsider the broad picture.

Coverage: Make sure you have adequate time to present each meritorious factor separately so you can clearly present your case on each count.

Statistics: If you believe you are underpaid, try to find statistics to demonstrate the average managerial salary, and where yours falls.

Be ready for some to and fro: The first figure that you suggest will probably not be the new salary that you will get. Be willing to compromise a little, while always bearing in mind your base-line.

Salary Negotiating

How to negotiate a salary? To guide you further, I have included real-life examples of others Negotiating a Raise successfully.

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