Morning Routine

Morning Routine. How to use morning affirmations and a morning yoga routine to dramatically energize and vitalize yourself for the day ahead.

A Morning Routine

According to Cooper, researchers can even predict how much energy someone will have in the late afternoon and evening by measuring that person’s behavior patterns in the morning. Here is the right way to begin the morning:

Morning Affirmations

Awaken with a positive response to the upcoming day

Immediately upon opening your eyes, visualize your day ahead. Morning affirmations set you for the day ahead: Think of the things you look forward to, imagine yourself at your best, having a smashing time and getting many of the things you want to do accomplished.

Then visualize yourself achieving the defining goal in your life. See all the details of how it will feel like to be that person you want to become: the philanthropist, the owner of several multinational enterprises, the international speaker;

Then visualize what you will be doing: travelling the world, speaking at international conventions, volunteering at international organizations, meeting many different people and genuinely making a difference in the lives of many others;

Finally, visualize what you will have: Visualize your billion dollar income lifestyle, the house you will stay in, the private jet you will own, the car you will drive, and so on.

Release the Tension

This is the most important for many people. Take a few moments to enjoy not moving and not rushing. Blink your eyes, take deep, relaxing breaths, notice every spot of tension in your body and release it before getting up. Otherwise, you will be blocking your calm energy.

Get some extra light

Even if you wake up before dawn, flood your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with light. Leave them on for at least 15 minutes.

Morning Exercise Routine

Ease your way into at least 5 minutes of relaxed physical activity. Most people prefer to exercise in the afternoon or the evening. However, morning exercise is actually the most important. Morning activity primes your metabolism, increases calm energy and reduces tension.

Morning Yoga Routine

Make this morning exercise a routine. I highly recommend a morning Yoga routine for this purpose.

Control your pace and ease into a few Sun salutations. Combine with a few light to moderate poses: cat pose, Warrior I, Warrior II, tree pose and some pranayama exercises (alternate nostril breathing, for example).

Lie in the corpse pose and surrender yourself fully to gravity for at least 5 minutes before ending your practice. Exercise for approximately 20 minutes for best effect.

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