Larry Ellison

Lawrence Ellison Networth

Billionaire Larry Ellison was worth 22.5 billion USD in 2009. As co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, he runs the largest enterprise software company in the world. Most of his wealth comes from his 22.59% ownership of Oracle Corporation, worth close to 25 billion dollars presently.

For a few months in 2000, while Microsoft stock wavered as Oracle stock soared, Larry was the richest man in the world.

Larry currently also holds the distinction of being the richest Californian.

Lawrence J Ellison Family

Lawrence J Ellison has had three spouses: Adda Quinn (1967 – 1974), Nancy Wheeler Jenkins (1977 – 1978), Barbara Boothe (1983 – 1986), romance novelist Melanie Craft (2003 – ). He has five children.

Born in New York City, Larry was born to Florence Spellman, who was unwed and only 19 then. He was raised by his aunt and uncle in Chicago, and did not meet his real mother until he was 48.

Lawrence Ellison Home

His home in Woodside, California is styled after Japanese feudal architecture, and is estimated to be worth 200 million. It has the most advanced seismic retrofit in the world.

Larry also owns more than a dozen million dollar properties in Malibu, California – they total more than 180 million in value.

Lawrence Ellison at Oracle Openworld 2005

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