Make Money from Nothing. How to Attract Money when you have none.

Make Money from Nothing. I came upon this intriguing article which claims to teach you how to attract money when you have none – in five steps.

1. Get the Lesson

First, get the lesson. As soon as you get the lesson from your circumstance, the situation will resolve. It will simply correct itself. In other words, if you are broke right now, ask yourself what the lesson in being broke is for you. Don’t settle on flip answers like ‘I should save more in advance’. Don’t blame others either. Instead, think about what is the positive reason for you to have this situation in your life. Honestly answer the question, ‘What have I learnt from being broke?’

2. Follow the Impulse

Next, obey the impulse. This is what Vitale calls ‘inspired action’. Act on what you feel stirring in your heart.

3. Demand Resolution

Demand resolution. ‘I intend to have five hundred dollars by midnight tomorrow night’. State what you want as a command.

4. Give thanks

Give thanks. As Vitale says, whatever is going on in your life holds a great gift for you. Maybe you can see it, maybe not. But assume it is there and you’ll suddenly feel better. You’ll breathe a sign of relief. As soon as you relax, many things will open in you. Your mind may see new opportunities that your tension was blocking. Your body may simply relax, allowing you to get a good night’s rest, which we all need to live and work today.

5. Expect Miracles

Expect miracles. Act in faith; act in spite of fear and allow your faith to triumph over fear. Joe Vitale carries a coin with a mustard seed embedded in it. This reminds him to have a faith ‘like a mustard seed’. A mustard seed has no doubt. None. It is clear about what it is.

Make money from nothing. Try out this money experiment for yourself and let’s see if it works! How much can you make from nothing in one day?

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