How to Find a Lawyer

How to find a lawyer. How to find a good lawyer, how to find a good attorney? How to hire the best lawyers.

In today’s litigious society, good legal advice is essential. How do you make sure you hire the best lawyers who will be able to give you the best advice?


The most basic approach is also one of the most effective ones. Observe local court cases. Who usually represents the local entrepreneurs, and who usually wins the court cases? These attorneys are the ones you want to work with.

Another trick would be to obtain referrals from other entrepreneurs. See what other entrepreneurs say about each particular attorney you may be keen on hiring.


Easy accessibility to your lawyer is also very important. You will rarely know exactly when you need legal advice. In the world of business, many important decisions may need to be made quickly. Your attorney must be able to respond to your requests within a few days; preferably, they should be directly contactable by phone and able to give you legal advice on the spot.

Size of the firm

The larger the legal firm you work with, the higher clout your attorney will be able to command to help solve your problems. The largest legal firms have specialists in all the major areas of business, so you can be well assured that you will receive sound, competent legal advice.

Nonetheless, large firms are usually out of reach for start-ups. Legal costs can be several times that of smaller firms, and large legal firms may not treat small clients seriously.


How to find a lawyer? You and your lawyer should almost certainly be able to get along well. When you interview a prospective lawyer, suggest a legal problem you might encounter, and let him describe how he would handle it. He should understand your business approach well.

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