Steve Jobs Pixar

Steven Jobs Pixar

Steve Jobs Pixar. How Steve Jobs developed The Graphics Group (Pixar) into one of the most successful computer-animated feature film companies.

Steve Jobs bought The Graphics Group from Lucasfilm in 1986. This was later renamed Pixar. Originally intended to be a developer of high-end graphics, Pixar proved initially unprofitable. Thus, it collaborated with Disney to produce several computer-animated feature films.

Steve Jobs Toy Story

Toy Story was the first film produced by the Pixar-Disney partnership, and helped propel Pixar to fame. Other famous releases and hits include Up (2009), WALL-E (2008), Ratatouille (2007), Cars (2006), The Incredibles (2004), Monsters, Inc. (2001), Toy Story 2 (1999), A Bug’s Life (1998).

Expiry of Contract with Disney

As Pixar’s contract with Disney expired, Disney tried but did not succeed in negotiating a new partnership. Steve Jobs announced that Pixar would find and work out another partner.

Eager not to lose such a valuable partner, Disney replaced its CEO; the new CEO Bob Iger worked to mend relations with Pixar. This culminated in Disney’s $7.4 billion buyout of Pixar. This transaction made Steve Jobs the single largest shareholder at Disney, with 7% of Disney stock. Steve Jobs now sits on the Disney Board of Directors.

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