Stop Negativity

Stop negativity. How to beat negative thinking and block negativity. Dealing with negativity so it does not affect your life!

Beat Negative Thinking

If you look around you, you might notice many negative people. They gossip and complain about everything around them. They notice everything that is bad about their lives, and blame everyone around them. They lament that life is not fair and are envious of those who seem to have ‘lucky breaks’. And they cannot understand why they are broke.

Managing and Minimizing Negativity

Are you a negative person yourself? Think about the last three conversations you had. How many words of negation did you use? I don’t want to pay these bills. I’m not good enough. I can’t make my headache go away. If you haven’t realized, you are so passionate about what you don’t want that you are consciously attracting exactly what you don’t want into your life. When you focus on anything with intensity, you will get more of it.

Block Negativity

Stop reading the news

Many of the teachers of the Secret advocate this. The point is not to become totally uninformed, but to take your attention away from the negative news and gossip that seem to plague the media. The more negative the story, the bigger the disaster, the better the papers seem to sell. Collectively, we send out the message that ‘bad news sells’. It is almost as if people have attracted these crises into their lives.

Instead, read just enough to become informed of the latest happenings. Do not become emotionally absorbed in negative news; you will attract more negativity into your life.

Take full responsibility

Recognize that you are the masterful steward of your own life. Do not blame your family, friends or any external circumstance for what happens to you. Instead, see yourself as the creator of your own destiny, and seek to see the good in everything. When you see the good in everything, the good in everything will inevitably come to you.

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