Famous Advertising Slogans

Famous Advertising Slogans. The Most Memorable Advertising Slogans of our time. Here are the best and most effective advertising slogans ever created.

Advertising Slogans 1

Where do you want to go today? – Microsoft

Advertising Slogans 2

The Real Thing – Coca-Cola

Advertising Slogans 3

Reach out and touch someone. – AT&T

Advertising Slogans 4

The ultimate driving machine. – BMW

Advertising Slogans 5

Live unböring – Ikea

Advertising Slogans 6

Everything is easier on a Mac – Apple Computer

Advertising Slogans 7

Intel inside – Intel

Advertising Slogans 8

Singapore Girl, you’re a great way to fly – Singapore Airlines

Advertising Slogans 9

Keep Walking – Johnnie Walker

Advertising Slogans 10

The world’s local bank – HSBC

Advertising Slogan 11

Fluent in finance – Barclays Bank

Advertising Slogan 12

It keeps going, and going, and going – Energizer

More Famous Advertising Slogans

Advertising Slogan 13

Can you hear me now?? Good!! – Verizon

Advertising Slogan 14

The World’s Online Market Place – eBay

Advertising Slogan 15

Go further with Shell – Shell Oil

Famous Slogan 16

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – Wikipedia

Famous Slogan 17

It’s everywhere you want to be – VISA

Famous Slogan 18

Because you’re worth it. – L’Oreal

Famous Slogan 19

Don’t leave home without it – American Express

Famous Slogans 20

Be the first to know – CNN

Famous Slogans 21

Easy as Dell – Dell Computer makes it easy to build-your-own computer

Famous Slogans 22

No battery is stronger longer. – Duracell Batteries

Famous Slogans 23

Let your fingers do the walking. – Yellow Pages

Famous Slogans 24

When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. – Federal Express

Famous Slogans 25

Connecting people. – Nokia

Famous Slogans 26

Do you… Yahoo!? – Yahoo!

Famous Slogans 27

Imagination at work – General Electric. This is the classic GE quote.

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