Make Money Not Excuses

Make Money Not Excuses! Next to negativity, the habit of making excuses for oneself is the single most common barrier to success.

Excuses to getting rich

Here’s what most people say to themselves, “I am broke because I need money to make money!” “I can’t do this because I don’t have the time!” If you don’t have the time, then when will you have the time? If you don’t have the money, then when will you have the money?

Even if you have neither time nor money, make it an intention to create enough time and money to invest in your own success. With that, you will power up your subconscious mind as it helps you identify all the opportunities and means by which you can achieve your goal. At the most basic level, you will readjust your spending; you will invest more than you spend.

Common Excuses

Here are more of the most common excuses:

I don’t have any contacts, so I can’t get started

If you don’t know anyone, ask! If you are interested in real estate, make it a point to attend all the real estate seminars in your locality. Find out who the top real estate agents and investors are, get their contacts, and make contact with them.

The secret is that most people are not as downright obnoxious and aloof as you think they are. If you make the initiative to approach them, many would be more than happy to at least offer you one or two words of advice. Here’s a challenge for you: identify one person you have always wanted to speak to, and explore all the possible ways to get in touch with him or her over the next 30 days. Stretch your comfort zone!

I can’t make money online; there are already so many people doing the same thing

There are many people who have already succeeded online, but there are just as many untapped opportunities just waiting for you to explore. Stop thinking that you ‘missed’ the Internet boom, stop searching for opportunities in the distance.

Look at where you are now and tell yourself: I am always in the right place at the right time. Day by day, I am getting richer and richer. Make money not excuses! Many people who started a business with Site Build It started from scratch; they only knew enough about computers to check and reply to emails. Yet, as Ken Evoy would say, success is definitely yours so long as you have the brain and motivation.

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