Diabetes Control Diet

Diabetes Control Diet. Do you know that a healthy diet can control and possibly eliminate Type II diabetes? All about how diet controlled diabetes works.

Diet Controlled Diabetes

As Pratt and Matthews note, you can dramatically lower your risk of developing the disease, and can help control it if you already have it, by making informed choices and by adhering to the following principles:

Healthy Diabetes Diet

Increase your fiber intake

One study revealed that cereal fiber was inversely associated with risk for Type II diabetes. People who ate more white bread than whole-grain breads also tend to have the highest risk of Type II diabetes. Whole-grain fiber is excellent in lowering insulin resistance; you should aim to consume at least 10 grams of whole-grain fiber as part of your total daily fiber intake. A daily intake of 45 grams of fiber for adult men is ideal.

Diabetes Control Diet: Increase intake of carotenoid

Eat carotenoid rich fruits and vegetables. These include pumpkins, tomatoes, mangoes, apricots, spinach, sweet potatoes. They increase your fiber intake and your intake of micronutrients; these help promote the efficient use of insulin.

Eat 1 ounce of unsalted nuts daily

A study showed that women who consumed 1 ounce of nuts or peanut butter five times a week or more had a 20 percent decreased risk of developing diabetes.

Increase your calcium intake

Studies have also shown that low calcium levels increase the risk of diabetes.

Pre Diabetes Diet

Other food sources that help prevent diabetes: vitamin E, chromium, zinc, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids. For those diagnosed with pre diabetes, they should definitely increase their intake of these nutrients.

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