Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes. In two previous posts, I wrote about how car insurance works and how to save on auto insurance. Your next question is probably: so where I can get the best car insurance rates? Bundling car insurance with your car purchase is usually not a good idea, as your dealer would probably have a vested interest. The best solution would be to do comparisons online. Recently, I came across CarInsuranceRates – a free portal which helps you compare auto insurance quotes quickly and easily.

Quick Three Step Process

Car Insurance Rates offers a quick three-step process to getting the car insurance rates you need:

  1. Fill out a simple, user-friendly form
  2. Compare free quotes
  3. Get covered

All you have to do is fill in your vehicle information, driver information and specify your desired coverage levels. Within minutes, you will be contacted by local agents with a full range of quotes you could choose from. This is one of the most convenient car insurance quote comparison portals I have used.

New Car Owners

If you would be purchasing a car for the first time, some of the technical terms on the portal can be confusing. Here is a quick run-down of what you need to know to get started.

Liability Coverage – This covers three situations: damages you might inflict upon someone else, total damages for everyone involved in the accident, damages for the value of the other person’s car. A good rule of thumb is to purchase as much liability coverage as possible.

Collision Coverage – This protects your own automobile against possible damage.

Comprehensive Coverage – This protects your vehicle against events not related to accidents, such as fire or floods.

Deductibles – Opt for higher deductibles in exchange for lower monthly premiums. This is the best way to save on auto insurance.

Once you are clear on the terms above, you are all set. You can leave the hard work of finding the best auto insurance quotes in town to the CarInsuranceRates portal.

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