Writing Web Page Content

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Writing Effective Web Copy

How do you write in a way that presells your visitors and makes them want to buy from you? Think personal and conversational. The more you sound like a friend and less like a salesman, the more likely your visitor will trust and want to buy from you.

Writing Effective Web Copy: Use the magic word ‘you’

Address your reader directly as ‘you’, as if you were speaking to your readers directly – just like how I am writing to you now. Reminding yourself to use ‘you’ often forces you to think of your reader and speak from his or her interests and concerns. You will become much more attuned to what your reader likes and needs.

Writing for Web: Write in short sections

The longer your paragraphs, the harder it is for your site visitor to get what you are trying to say. Blocks of text on are especially difficult to read on screen, even more so than in print. Leave spaces between paragraphs, and use short sentences in each paragraph. Get used to starting new paragraphs much more often when you are writing for the web.

Web Content Writing: Use short sentences strategically

That is, interrupt your sentences with short sentences. Vary your sentence length to make your copy interesting to read. One to two word sentences can be especially powerful if used at the end of paragraphs.

Writing for Web: Contractions and simple words are welcome

These help you create that conversational and informal tone. They’re, you’re, it’s, I’m – all these contractions are more than acceptable for online copy. Choose simple over complex, short over long. Your focus here is to get your message across to the largest possible audience.

Web Content Writing: Avoid antiquated phrases

Avoid phrases like ‘notwithstanding’ or ‘furthermore’. Instead, opt for ‘and’ and ‘but’ most of the time.

Writing Effective Web Copy: Make your copy flow

Writing Web page content? Effective transitional words include: ‘Best of all’, ‘On the other hand’, ‘Why? Because’, ‘Yet’, ‘What’s more’, ‘Chances are’, ‘Even better / Even worse’, ‘Here’s why’, ‘Here’s how’, ‘If… then’, ‘Plus’, ‘Remember’, ‘Plus’, ‘Then again’. Writing web page content should not be a chore – experiment and have fun!

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