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Interview JK Rowling. Interview with J K Rowling, Harry Potter author – Joanne Kathleen Rowling.

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J K Rowling Interview – BBC News Excerpt

Rowling when asked on whether she felt guilty for being rich:

When it first happened I didn’t immediately become very rich. The biggest jump for me was the American advance which was enough for me to buy a house, not outright, but you know we’d been renting until then. And I didn’t feel guilty, I felt scared at that point. Because I thought I mustn’t blow this: I’ve got some money, I mustn’t do anything stupid with it. And then yeah, yeah, I felt guilty.

Yeah I did. I mean at least I could see cause and effect. I knew I had worked quite hard for quite a long time. Of course the rewards were completely disproportionate but I could see how I got there so that made it easier to rationalise

J K Rowling Interview – Scholastic Publisher Excerpt

Rowling on her feelings on her accomplishments:

I am an extraordinarily lucky person, doing what I love best in the world. I’m sure that I will always be a writer. It was wonderful enough just to be published. The greatest reward is the enthusiasm of the readers.

J K Rowling Interview – TODAY show Excerpt

I’m dealing with a level of obsession in some of my fans that will not rest until they know the middle names of Harry’s great-great-grandparents!

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