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As Dupont notes, there are several kinds of headlines that will give above average results in advertising. Pay attention to each creative advertising idea below:

Free Advertising Ideas: Promise some kind of benefit to customers

These headlines, with the benefit to the user clearly stated, typically sell the best. The clearer you can make customers know ‘What’s in it for me?’, the better your product will sell. Effective advertising is based on clear positioning and an implicit promise. As Samuel Johnson noted, ‘Promise, large promise, is the soul of an advertisement.’ And as Dupont so well pointed out, Calvin Klein does not sell perfume or underwear; it sells sex.

Creative Advertising Idea: Offer Practical Advice

Research suggests that these headlines systematically yield excellent results. People are extremely interested in headlines that teach them how to do something: how to make money, how to make friends, how to get rich, how to lose weight. However, to overcome typical consumer blasé, you might need to position your headline slightly different. ‘I made $1500 online overnight’, for example.

Creative Advertising Idea: Announce something new

Consumers are naturally attracted to anything new and seemingly out of the ordinary. A perfume’s average lifespan is only 18 months. Ways to announce a new product or service include: new packaging, new formula, new taste, new technology, new way of using an existing product, new improvement to a former product.

Marketing Advertising Ideas: Testimonial headlines

Make sure you use everyday language, and use phrases that a typical customer in your target audience will use. Testimonials build credibility for your product effectively.

Creative Advertising Idea: Headlines with numbers

More free advertising ideas: Numbers are quickly seen as more concrete and credible. Instead of ‘batteries that last longer’, say ‘batteries that last 30% longer’; instead of ‘save money’, say ‘save $200’; instead of ‘very light’, say ‘just 6.5 lbs’. These communicate to your target audience in the most effective ways. As Strunk and White noted, ‘the surest way to arouse and hold the attention of the reader is by being specific, definite and concrete’.

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