Starting your own Internet Business

Starting your own Internet business. How to start Internet business, what should you be careful about, and what is the fastest way to make money online to financial freedom?

How to start Internet Business

Use the Law of Large Numbers

What this law states is that a small number multiplied by a very large number is equivalent to a large number. Translated in terms of making money online, what this law means is that even if you make a small profit on each sale, you would make a lot of money simply by reaching out to many potential customers.

The Internet offers you the leverage to do that: there are a few hundred million people online at any moment!

Disintermediation: Take out the middle-man

Some people call this ‘disintermediation’. The internet allows you to sidestep the traditional supply chain. You no longer need to go through a ‘distributor’. You can instead secure your products from the suppliers directly, and therefore be able to charge lower prices to your customers.

Starting a Online Business: Considerations


Success in a niche business depends critically on your credibility. How believable are you as an expert in the field? In order for customers to be willing to buy from you, you need them to believe in your credibility as an expert in the niche you have chosen. Thus, a good guideline would be to build a site on which you are personally passionate in.

Find a niche that relates to your lifetime passions and hobbies – your passion will then naturally shine through, and you will be seen as much more credible.

How much value can you add

Success also depends on how much value you can add – can you create enough value such that people would be willing to pay for your products and services? Often, you need to first create this value through free information: highly relevant articles with helpful how-to information, and so on.

How to Start Internet Business

Starting your own Internet business will require a leap of faith at first – but the potential for success is immense. Do not get side-tracked along the way: Take the first step in faith, and focus on your goal until you inevitably succeed.

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