How to Iron Shirt

How to iron shirt. Ironing shirts: Iron dress shirts in less than five minutes with this quick and effective step-by-step guide.

How to Iron Dress Shirts

Ironing a shirt is part of many of our daily routines. Here’s a guide to how to iron your dress shirt well:

Ironing shirts: First Dampen your shirt

First, dampen your shirt with a water spray. Let the moisture soak into the shirt for at least 15 minutes.

We start with the parts of the shirt that have a natural stiffness and will not easily crease once ironed. Be sure not to mist spray areas of the shirt that have already been ironed.

How to Iron Shirt: Start with the collar

Remove any collar stiffeners (which should have been removed prior to washing). Start with the underside of the collar and iron from the outside edge to the center. This removes the creases at the outer edges. Repeat for the upperside.

Hold each end of the collar with your thumb and forefinger, and pull taut so as to straighten the edges. Finally, fold along the neckband seam and iron.

How to Iron Shirt: On to the cuffs

Start with the underside of the cuffs and iron from the outside edge to the centre. As for French cuffs, fold the cuff in half and align the cufflink holes before pressing a firm crease along the fold.

How to Iron Shirt: Sleeves next

Iron the sleeves one at a time, avoiding creases as far as possible by watching out for creases underneath. Iron outwards from the upper part of the sleeve out to the cuffs.

Then the yoke

Iron each half of the yoke separately. Work from the sleeve toward the center of the yoke.

Ironing Shirts: Back of shirt

With the collar at the tail of the board, lay the back of the shirt on the ironing board. Iron from the tail of the shirt to the yoke of the shirt; move the back across the board until you have ironed the entire back of the shirt

Ironing Shirts: Front of shirt

Lay the shirt such that the top of the armhole rests at the tail end of the board. Iron along the button trail and pull lightly at the same time to stretch the material.

Ironing Shirts: Before folding the shirt

Fasten the top button of the shirt and air the shirt on a plastic hanger for at least half an hour. Then, button the shirt and place it face down on a flat surface. Take a heavy A4 sized book or magazine and place it at the center of the yoke, with the top of the book just touching the collar.

Fold one side over and lay the sleeve parallel. Fold it in with several folds such that it fits on the book entirely. Repeat for the other side.

Finally, fold the shirt tail and then fold the shirt in half. The shirt should wrap as tightly around the book as possible. Remove the book.

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