How to choose Frames

How to choose frames. How to choose spectacles that flatter your eyes and shapes best.

Choosing Frames

Top of the Frame

To make sure your spectacles balance well on your face, the top of the frame should follow your eyebrows as closely as possible. That is, the top of the frame should either be directly on the eyebrow or slightly below. Otherwise, you would have a ‘double-eyebrow’ look.

Sides of the frame

The sides of the frame should not extend too far beyond the sides of your face.

Bottom of the Frame

The bottom of the frame should not touch your cheeks. Your eyes should ideally be almost in the centre of the lens; otherwise, you would have a strange ‘goldfish’ look.


A low bridge helps create the effect of ‘shortening’ your nose, while a high bridge helps create the effect of ‘lengthening’ your nose, making it seem longer and slimmer.

Similarly, if your eyes are far apart from each other, choose a dark, heavy bridge as this will seem to draw your eyes closer together. If your eyes are too close to each other, choose a clear, thin bridge so as to create more space between your eyes.

Shape of the Frames

Choosing the best shape for you depends on the outline of your face.

If your face is round:

Stay away from round glasses, as they will make your face seem even rounder. Instead go for gentle ovals or softened squares to create the most flattering effect.

If your face is oval:

Choose a frame that is slightly wider than your face especially if your face seems too long. This helps create balance.

If your face is heart-shaped:

Stay away from heavy top frames (aviator specs, for example) – these will make your forehead seem even wider. Instead, go for rectangular frames with light top frames.

If your face is pear-shaped:

Frames with frameless bottoms will look good on your face, as these draw less attention to your chin.

If your face is diamond-shaped:

Choose frames that almost match the width of your face to help add width to your forehead and chin. Aviator-style spectacles look good on diamond-shaped faces.

How to choose frames

Choosing spectacles is ultimately a matter of taste. Follow the guidelines here and you would not go wrong.

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