What is Whole Life Insurance

Define Whole Life Insurance

What is Whole Life Insurance. Differences among whole and term, variable and universal life insurance. Why whole life insurance may be a good fit for you. Life Insurance Basics.

The articles that follow will go into detail about what whole life insurance is and what term life insurance is, advantages and disadvantages of whole life insurance, and in turn define terms such as whole life insurance in greater detail.

Whole Life Insurance Definitions

Rigorous definition of whole life insurance. Learn more about what whole life insurance is and why it may be important.

What is Life Insurance

What life insurance is in detail. Life insurance basics that you need to know.

What is Variable Life Insurance

What variable life insurance is and how it differs from universal life insurance.

What is Universal Life Insurance

What universal life insurance is – decision factors to consider when you purchase a universal life insurance policy.

Define Term Life Insurance

Definition of term life insurance with respect to whole life insurance. What term life insurance is.

Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life

Difference between term life and whole life insurance. Term vs whole life insurance – which fits you better?

Group Health Coverage

Group health coverage and how it affects you.

How does Life Insurance Work

How life insurance works, what you are paying for, and how life insurance companies make money.

Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance premiums – what’s considered expensive and what’s not. What to say and ask when you get your insurance quote.

Life Insurance Rider

What a life insurance rider is and why it may be important for you.

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