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Michael Dell Bio

Born to a liberal Jewish family, Michael Dell has always been exceptionally entrepreneurial. He sold Houston Post subscriptions when he was little, and earned enough to buy three computers and a car.

But he was not an academic. He dropped out of the University of Texas at Austin when he was 19 to build PC’s Limited, his company then, full time.

Michael Dell overcame multiple setbacks along the way – one of the most major of which was the 1993 incident with laptops catching on fire. Nonetheless, as Compaq, Gateway and other PC manufacturers fell, Dell stood its ground and became the most profitable PC manufacturer in the world.

Michael S Dell Biography

Michael S Dell has won a number of impressive accolades: Inc. magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, PC Magazine’s “Man of the Year” award, Worth Magazine’s “Top CEO in American Business” award, Financial World’s “CEO of the Year” award, and more.

Michael Dell Wife

Michael Dell married Susan Dell and has four children: Kira Dell, Alexa Dell, Zachary Dell and Juliette Dell.

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