Dress Shirt Collars

Dress Shirt Collars. All about the different types of collars. How to choose shirt collars that fit you and the occasion best?

Types of Collars

Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Spread collars should only be worn with a tie; otherwise, there will be a big, unnatural gap below your neck.

Tab Collar Dress Shirts

With a tab collar, there is a little cotton bridge that holds the collar in place behind your tie. This creates a neat, conservative and dressy look. Tab collars should go together with ties.

White Contrast Collar Dress Shirts

With a white contrast collar, the body of the shirt is another color; the only part that is white is the collar. This creates a very English, aristocrat-like look. Wear shirts with this type of collar for the formal social events and you will really stand out.

Banded Collar Dress Shirts

A banded collar dress shirt does not allow for a tie. This type of dress shirt is semi-formal, though it is popularly worn by Malay socialites on formal occasions.

Point Collar Dress Shirts

A point collar is the most common and versatile type of collar. It looks good with or without a tie, and can be easily paired with a sweater or a suit.

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