Oily Hair Remedy

Oily hair remedy. How to get rid of oily hair? Remedy for oily hair and shampoo for oily hair.

What causes oily hair? This is caused by the overstimulation of the sebaceous gland in each hair follicle. The sebaceous gland secretes oil (or sebum), and when it does so excessively, oily hair results. Oily hair tends to lie flat, making it difficult to style.

Get Rid of Oily Hair

Oily hair can be rectified through the use of deep cleansing shampoos and a light conditioner. As Spenser recommends, ingredients such as rosemary and nettles are effective for removing grease and gentle enough to use frequently.

Avoid using shampoo too frequently. Instead, focus on massaging the scalp, where the oil is produced. Massage the scalp thoroughly instead of the hair. The key remedy for oily hair is to remove the sebum produced each day thoroughly. Always rinse your hair entirely with clean, cool water. This ensures that your hair pores would not be clogged with dirt, an irritant that stimulates sebum production. Similarly, avoid hot water as high temperatures will also stimulate sebum production.

Best Shampoo for Oily Hair

Use shampoos with more detergents and less conditioners; shampoos for oily hair are usually made this way. Avoid applying conditioner after you shampoo, as this would only increase the rate at which your hair begins to appear oily. Sebum in itself is already an excellent conditioner.

Oily Hair Remedy: A good guide is the clarity of the shampoo. The clearer the shampoo, the better it is for your hair as it would contain less conditioner and other oil stimulating substances.

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