Dell Laptop Computers

Dell Laptops

Dell Laptop Computers. Dell Laptop Reviews and Dell Laptop Discounts. Why Dell laptops sell well. Dell has consistently maintained a market share in home desktop and notebook computers close to 20%, with profit margins close to 8%.

Inspiron Dell Laptops

Part of the consumer class of laptops, Inspiron laptops and notebooks emphasizes value, performance and the ability to add parts easily. They are the budget Dell laptops most frequently advertised in traditional media.

Studio Dell Laptops

These medium-end Dell laptops and notebooks fit the mainstream, and have prices that are reasonably affordable.

XPS Dell Laptops

These high-end Dell laptops and notebooks focus on multimedia capability, high performance, and are generally in the higher price range in the market.

Adamo Dell Laptops

These laptops are so high-end they are considered the luxury brand, met to compete with Dell’s direct competitor, the Macbook – in particular, the Macbook Air.

The major competition to Dell laptops currently include Apple, HP, Gateway, Lenovo/IBM, Sony, Acer, Toshiba and Asus.

Concurrently, Dell has aimed to be the greenest technology company in the industry, a lofty goal that will involve reducing Dell’s carbon intensity in its laptop computer production significantly.

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