How to Manifest Money

How to manifest money. Manifest your desires through intentional meditation.

What is Intentional Meditation (IM)

What is intentional meditation? It is a form of meditation pioneered by Joe Vitale. He aims to help people use intentional meditation to attract wealth and money.

Manifest your Desires

The 30-day experiment stands at the core of Joe Vitale’s initiative. It requires you to do only four things:

  1. Record your current financial state
  2. For 20 minutes every day, meditate using the intentional meditation technique outlined below.
  3. Act on the ‘hunches’ and insights that you receive, and the opportunities that seem to come your way after you initiate this process.
  4. Record your new financial state 30 days later, and note the changes.

Traditional meditation focuses on helping you reach a state of calm and inner peace. Intentional meditation differs from traditional meditation largely in that intentional meditation focuses on achieving a specific outcome.

Manifest Money Daily

Here is an outline of how you could apply the intentional meditation technique daily:

  1. First, create your intention. What do you hope to achieve exactly one month later?
  2. Verbalize your intention and record it somewhere. ’30 days later, I have an extra $100,000 in the bank from multiple unexpected sources of income.’
  3. Finally, visualize your intention as already achieved. Create in your mind the details of your life 30 days later, when you have achieved your intention. Feel with immense joy and gratitude the wonderful feelings you would experience, and flash a genuine smile to the universe for having helped you manifest your desire.

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