Adsense CTR – Increase Adsense Profit and CTR – Best Tips

How do I increase my Adsense CTR (click-through rate) and thus my Adsense profit and income? That is, how to increase the chances that your visitors will click on the Adsense advertisements – assuming that you have visitors in the first place. More on how to build traffic and how to find the Google Adsense top paying keywords.

Why should you try to increase your Adsense CTR (clickthrough rate) as far as possible? Simply because the higher your CTR, the higher your earnings! Here are the most effective Adsense strategies that focus on increasing your Adsense CTR:

Key to Adsense Profits: Adsense Ad Placement

Ad placement is crucial, and it is definitely worth your time to optimize your site’s ad placement to the best you can. The optimal ad placement varies from site to site, but here are a few key pointers:

Increase Adsense Profit and CTR Strategy 1: Ad visibility

The more visible your Adsense ads, the more likely your visitor would see and therefore click on them. The human eye scans text from left-right, top-bottom, so the upper-left corner is theoretically the optimal place to put your ads. However, that’s usually the place for your navigation bar, so the next best place would be the top-center column. As far as possible, integrate your ad seamlessly: wrap your text around the ad so that the user will definitely at least see your ad as they read the text.

Your ad should also be visible on page load, so the user does not have to scroll to see the ad.

Increase Adsense Profit and CTR Strategy 2: Link colors

What can you change?

  1. Border
  2. Font type
  3. Background URL
  4. Link color
  5. URL color
  6. Text color

Adjust the ad such that it blends into your site’s color scheme perfectly. Match the font type to your regular content’s font type. For most site designs, it is also best to have no borders, so your ad blends seamlessly. Your visitors are more likely to click on the ads if the ads do not look so blatantly like advertisements. (No one likes to be hard sold!) Many Adsense publishers also report that ads on white backgrounds generally perform best.

Increase Adsense Profit and CTR Strategy 3: Types of visitors you attract

Generally, loyal visitors are less likely to click on your ads. As they get used to your ad placements, they will get accustomed to skipping the ads to read only the meat of your content. On the other hand, visitors from search engines are likely to be looking for something specific on your site. If your ads provide what they are looking for, they are more likely to click on your ads.

That means that while you should welcome return visits – bear in mind that search-engine traffic will likely be your main source of Adsense income.

Increase Adsense Profit and CTR Strategy 4: Ad relevance

The more relevant the ads displayed to your site’s content, the more likely your visitors would click on the ads, as they would be similar to what they are looking for on your page. Ad relevance depends on many factors, including your choice of keywords (too much use of the word ‘website’ may trigger web hosting ads, for example) and choice of topic (some topics are simply more difficult for Google’s artificial intelligence to understand). Sometimes, it may be a problem on Google’s end.

And the obvious: Avoid any form of Google Adsense Fraud, for it does not pay!

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