What is Google Adsense Fraud?

Google Adsense fraud damages the ideal relationship between publisher and advertiser. Generally, advertisers bid for keywords with the intention of seeking targeted traffic – visitors that are likely to purchase their products and services. Advertisers thus pay Google per click and per 1000 impressions in return for these targeted visitors.

But first, how does Adsense work?

Google any term you like – ‘financial freedom’, for example. On the right side, you will see the heading ‘Sponsored Links’, followed by different types of advertisements related to your search term. Each time you click on any of the ads, Google is paid – and if you run these ads on your site, Google will pay you a fraction of its profits!

Adsense Fraud: Google Revenue Damages

Adsense fraud arises when rogue publishers damage this relationship – by generating fraudulent clicks and impressions. This can arise through various means. Publishers can click on their own ads, get their friends and relatives to click on these ads, or implicitly convince visitors to click on these ads. These clicks are fraudulent, as they do not result from a genuine interest in the ad, and do not translate into targeted traffic for the advertisers.

Adsense Fraud Safeguards

Nonetheless, Google has fought Adsense fraud vigorously. Clicks are tracked geographically – by IP location and by country – and click-through rates are monitored carefully. Unusually high click-through rates (usually more than 30%) or clicks from the same IP location raise alarm bells and in turn lead to in-depth Google investigations.

All in all, it hardly pays to attempt any form of Adsense fraud – Google has a proven track record in its anti-fraud efforts in order to maintain the integrity of the publisher-advertiser relationship. If you’re looking to make money with Adsense for the long-term, instead learn how to increase Adsense CTR (click-through rate) legitimately – and easily.

Return from Adsense Fraud to Extra Income Ideas

Return from Google Adsense Fraud to Financial Freedom and Passive Income Success Guide