Google Adsense Top Paying Keywords

Let me get this clear to you before you do something foolish: never buy Google Adsense Top Paying Keywords Lists. Not only can you get them for free, you will hardly make money with Adsense using those lists.

1. You can find these Google Adsense Top Paying Keywords on your own – for free.

These lists are generated from free information that Google Adwords provides – advertiser competition, search volume, expected cost per click. Go to the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool and enter any keyword (eg. ‘loans’). Adwords will then generate all relevant keywords, with the same information that these ‘top paying keyword lists’ give you.

If you have Excel 2007, the Keyword Monetization module gives you the same information these top paying keyword lists will give you: cost per click (CPC), search volume, competition, with beautiful trend graphs – all for free.

Wordtracker also has a free keyword suggestion tool that gives you helpful information on keyword demand and keyword competition. You do not need to pay a cent.

2. Difficult to make money with Adsense using Google Adsense Top Paying Keywords Lists

Unfortunately, expected cost per click values are unreliable. As listed in the Google Adsense top paying keywords lists, Many of those values are never even close to the actual costs per click – because they reflect the maximum bids placed by advertisers. That is, the expected CPC value listed is the highest price one or two advertisers are willing to pay – but the actual CPC will almost never reach these extremes, as most advertisers bid within a much smaller range.

What you really need to make money with Adsense is this: accurate predicted earnings per click, derived from the average values of all the middle-range bids placed by advertisers. Furthermore, you also need low competition keywords that on average generate high click-through rates. In my years of experience with Adsense, Keyword Country is the only tool that helps you easily locate these top paying keywords.

Essential Adsense Software: Keyword Country

Keyword Country is essential if you are serious about making money with Adsense. It is the only tool out there that gives you precise (and surprisingly accurate!) data on your predicted Adsense earnings per click for different keywords. The higher your predicted earnings per click, you more money you will make – some keywords pay up to $90 per click!

With Keyword Country, you can avoid the highly competitive keywords, and easily target the highest paying keywords with your pages. Be a big fish in a small pond. Which one do you think is easier: to rank top 10 for less competitive – but still highly paying – keywords, or to rank top 10 for the most competitive keywords such as ‘credit card’ and ‘loans consolidation’?

It is much easier, less time-consuming, and much more profitable to rank well for the less competitive but high-paying keywords.

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