Michael Dell

Mike Dell

Michael Dell. Mike Dell Billionaire Biography, Net Worth, History, Dell Computer Corporation.

Michael Saul Dell Networth

How much is Michael S. Dell worth? Mike Dell is worth 12.3 billion as of 2009.

Michael Saul Dell Birthday

Michael S. Dell was born February 23, 1965 in Houston, Texas.

The Dell computer has become a household name with its emphasis on the marriage of performance and cost effectiveness. Michael Dell has been an inspiration to many with his garage story – read more about how Michael Dell founded Dell Computers in

History of Dell Computer Corporation


The American billionaire, business mogul is one of the youngest American billionaires – he was born in 1965. He embarked on his entrepreneurial path while on the pre-med program at the University of Texas at Austin. He became a Fortune 500 CEO by age 27, and has been recognized with such titles as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Inc magazine, ‘CEO of the Year’ by Financial World. Michael and his wife, Susan, founded the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to promote children’s causes.

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