The Highest Goal

The Highest Goal is a radical approach to thinking about your life. Developed by Michael Ray in his Personal Creativity in Business course at Stanford, this approach to life encourages you to reach deep within to discover your inner self, from which deep knowing and compassion will emerge. Those who live with this highest goal are able to bounce back quickly from the greatest crises and overcome challenges they may face easily.

Highest Goal Michael Ray

As Michael Ray says, the highest goal means to be in an experience of connection or truth all the time. “We have within us amazing potentiality, including that of the whole universe.” When you attune yourself with this goal all the time, it inspires and motivates you tremendously.

How does your highest goal feel like?

To connect with your highest goal feels wonderful. Think about a situation when you experienced a rush of energy and peace: gazing across the landscape from a top of a mountain, listening to an inspirational piece of music, looking into the face of a newborn baby. I love the way Michael Ray puts it, “It is making your life itself a work of art. It is working at something that you’re getting paid to do that you would secretly be willing to pay someone to be able to do.”

Time just seems to stop. You could do it all day. When you align yourself with this powerful frequency, you put your life on turbo charge. This powerful frequency attracts more people and experiences that are in line with this highest frequency.

Having a highest goal is an almost transcendental experience of resonance with a higher order or a larger field of energy.

How to identify your highest goal

From my personal experience, the best way to identify your highest goal is to become more consciously aware of how you feel. Notice the sights or experiences that seem to feel the most meaningful and inspiring to you. Ask yourself: what is the most meaningful thing you have done over the past month?

Then ask: Why was this important? Once you have an answer, ask yourself the same question again: Why was this important?

As you continue this way, you will advance from the superficial reasons to your motivations at the deepest level. Your deepest motivation will probably be powerful words such as compassion, peace, faith, connection. This is your purpose, and your highest goal.

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