Building Big Biceps

Building big biceps. How to get big biceps quickly – or even build the largest biceps in the world? For many people, this is the most important muscle group that they focus on. (Come on, how often did you flex in the mirror yesterday?)

Bicep Building

The bicep curl is the classic bicep building exercise. It works your biceps and your forearms at the same time.

Start with a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing forward, inner elbows facing out. Keep your upper arms and elbows tucked into your body as you curl the weights up. Eventually, your palms should face the front of your shoulders.

How to get big biceps

The key to doing the bicep curl effectively is to make sure you only move your forearms. Your upper arms should press against the side of your body and not move at all.

Also, tuck your tailbone and keep your back straight throughout the curl. Do not arch your back back and forth, as you would then be placing stress on your lower back to help you force the weight up.

The third area you should note is that your wrists should always be in line with your elbows. Do not let your wrists back forward or backward, as this will shift some of your weight onto your wrist, again making the bicep curl less effective. To build biceps fast, make sure you work only the biceps!

Build Big Biceps

Big biceps begin with good resistance training. Choose weights that will cause you to hit muscle failure within 8 to 10 reps. Opting for fewer reps trades endurance for strength, and helps you build big biceps quickly. More on how to build good looking bicep peaks.

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