Anchoring NLP

Anchoring NLP. Anchoring techniques and how anchoring works. Anchoring is one of the powerful NLP techniques you can implement right now to switch your emotional state.

Create Emotional Anchors

As you would have learnt from watching The Secret or from reading Esther and Jerry Hicks’ writings, your emotional state is one of the most important determinants of whether what you want will come to you. By putting yourself on a high emotional state, you set yourself up with the right frequency and vibrational state to attract what you want to you.

One way to make sure you are always on a high frequency is to create emotional anchors. These are powerful moments where you experienced powerful feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction and joy:

Recall the proudest moment of your life, or the last time you stood on stage to receive a major award. Relive these wonderful experiences, recall all these powerful feelings in their entirety.

NLP Anchoring Technique

As the feel-good sensation within you peaks, release your anchor by squeezing your thumb or pressing all your fingers together. This action should be one sufficiently unique, one that you would not do accidentally.

This associates your powerful feelings with this action; next time you need a boost of inspiration, release your anchor by performing that precise action again.

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