Memory Improvement Exercises

Memory Improvement Exercises. Learn how to improve your memory right now with these memory improvement techniques.

Link / Chain System

Let’s say we want to memorize this list of 15 countries in its exact mixed order: Mali, Zambia, Angola, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Namibia, Chad, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, Madagascar. Can you do that in less than one minute?

Memory Improvement Techniques

A linking process would help you do that very quickly:

Example of a linking process: Picture your leg (Mali) flying out of its knee cap to zap your beard (Zambia). Then picture your beard lengthening to the length of a fishing rod and see yourself as an angler (Angola). You do not manage to catch any fish, so you decide to eat the peas (Ethiopia) you brought along and sit down (Sudan) on a stool. Suddenly, your stool starts wobbling and dancing on its four legs. You catch the dance mania (Tanzania) and go on a high. You shout to your fishing rod ‘Name a beer!’ (Namibia). Your fishing rod opens your box of drinks and pulls out a beer can with the words ‘Chap’ (Chad) scrawled on top.

You drink the beer happily, but immediately you notice your tummy swelling. You inflate like a balloon and look like a big fat-so (Burkina Faso). All of a sudden, you see a lion (Sierra Leone) running towards you and realize you’re in trouble. You try to run, but you are so fat that even guinea pigs (Guinea) ran faster than you.

You get furious at your fishing rod for choosing the wrong beer and shout, ‘Some liar!’. Then you pull out a gun from your pocket and you gun down (Uganda) the lion. The lion doesn’t die. Instead, it inflates into a giant ball of gas and grows rounder and rounder (Rwanda). You happily attach the gigantic ball to your car. You chuckle happily to yourself, ‘Made a gas car!’ (Madagascar) and make your way home.

Test yourself: how many of the keywords did you memorize?

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