How to Memorize Numbers

How to memorize numbers? The mnemonic peg system will help you both memorize long strings of digits and associate numbers with other words.

Memorizing Numbers

The peg system is especially helpful for picturing numbers. This system works by associating the ten basic consonant phonetic sounds with the ten digits in our number system. For example, t and d may be different letters, but they sound very similar. The same applies for f and v, or p and b.

I learnt the peg system by reading Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas’ excellent book, ‘The Memory Book’. Here’s how Lorayne and Lucas have paired the ten basic sounds with the ten digits. The memory aids thought of by the original authors are extremely efficient, so I have only tweaked them slightly to help me memorize them better: Peg System.

Memorize Any Number Easily

Once you have memorized the above associations, you can use the peg system to associate any number with pictures. For example, 42 associates with the sounds ‘r’ and ‘n’; the best word picture would be ‘rain’. Another example: 86 associates with the sounds ‘f’ and ‘sh’; the best word picture is naturally ‘rain’.

Example of how to apply this powerful technique: who is the 42nd President of the United States? Picture Bill Clinton running in the rain!

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