Passive Income Opportunities

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How I found my way in the online maze of supposed ‘passive income opportunities’.

More than 90% of those who try to “get rich quick” online give up after three months. I have had my share of failure, especially when I first tried to make money online. I wasted a lot of time and money experimenting with different types of software and reading the fluff written by supposed “gurus” who knew all about passive income opportunities.

But I did not give up. I chose to fall forward, learning from each of my mistakes and always bouncing back with even more enthusiasm. Eventually, my successes more than trumped my failures – but it took several years of hard work and painful experimentation before I finally got it.

Back to the Basics: 2 Essential Ingredients

To succeed online, you need two essential ingredients: a website, and traffic.

  1. A website – This will be the platform for you to post advertisements, sell your E-Goods, and create different sources of passive income.
  2. Traffic – Without visitors, there will be no one to click on your ads; there will be no way to leverage on the passive income opportunities available.

Let’s start with the website…

There are many ways to build a website. There are two approaches that most webmasters use: do-it-yourself, and outsourcing.

To create a simple website, you need to know HTML and CSS. Head to a site such as W3Schools for HTML and CSS lessons. If I were to design my own website, I will use Photoshop to design the graphics, and Dreamweaver to edit the HTML and to weave the graphics into my content. If you are comfortable with looking at HTML and CSS code, I would highly recommend Arachnophilia – this 100% free software is fast, highly functional and great for editing code. I use it almost exclusively whenever I edit code.

You can also outsource the coding and design of your website to freelancers on a site such as eLance. However, design costs can be prohibitive, and you probably do not want to dig a hole in your pocket without knowing if you might be able to profit from your site.

The only problem with either approach…

Most of these websites do not generate traffic! If you already have a website, go to to check your Alexa ranking. Most sites with more 100 unique visitors per day have Alexa rankings less than 2,000,000. This is 2,000,000 out of 157 million – that’s how many websites there are in total. As you can see, close to 98% of all websites hardly receive any traffic and therefore have very little monetization potential. These websites cannot make any money from passive income opportunities, because they have no traffic to monetize.

Compare that to’s current traffic: