Where to Place Ads

Where to place ads? Best ad positions that guarantee ad positioning success. How to place ads that get noticed.

How to place ads

Here are some of the best tips from Dupont’s excellent book ‘1001 Advertising Tips’. Advice on the best ad positions for being noticed:

According to Gallup and Robinson, double-page ads generate higher levels of reader involvement and attract more attention. They make the product seem more important and prestigious, and tend to elicit favorable responses.

Recent studies by Starch showed that ads placed in the first third of a magazine are noticed by 12% more readers than those in its last third.

According to Bob Stone, in direct marketing, right-hand pages generate 15% more response coupons than do their left-hand counterparts.

Ads appearing on the front, inside front and inside back covers are read by 30% more people than ads located on inside pages

Ads on the back cover obtain 64% more readership than copy located within a magazines

Readership of ads appearing in the first 10% of a magazine is 10% better than average.

Placing an ad in a magazine’s first seven pages should produce an especially high response rate.

The recall of ads placed in the front of a magazine is higher than in the back. Studies recommend avoiding the last quarter in particular and the second half in general, of a magazine.

The centre of a magazine gives good results, particularly if most ads appear in the front or back.

Bleed ads generally obtain high readership.

Readership for ads at the top of a page is generally higher than for those at the bottom.

Readership is usually higher than average for ads containing recipes or coupons. A study conducted on women’s readership revealed that ads involving contests do not perform as well as standard ads that do not promote such events.

Where to place ads

More tips on how to place ads that get noticed:

  • One page consisting of paper of a different density than the other pages in a magazine.
  • A page that is slightly smaller than those used in the rest of the magazine
  • A single foldout page in a magazine
  • Inserts – consider including brochures and small guides, as these cannot be missed by magazine readers. Recall rates for inserts are above average, though inserts tend to generate positive responses at the expense of other ads.

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