Creative Ways to Save Money

Creative ways to save money. Here is a running list of the most creative ways to save money, contributed by visitors like you! From 66 ways to save money, we can move on to 101 ways to save money, and even more.

There are two basic questions in life:

  1. Does God exist?
  2. Where does all the money go?

Let’s get started. As far as possible, I will try to rank these money saving tips in order, beginning with the most easy to implement strategies that also give the most cost savings.

101 Ways to Save Money

  1. Make it a goal to incur no library fines and late payment charges
  2. Use rechargeable batteries
  3. Look out for car boot sales – you can often find perfectly good quality junk
  4. Borrow before you buy – especially for books and DVDs, this gives you a chance to decide if you really want the book or DVD. More often than not, we chuck brand-new books in one corner without even having read it.
  5. – An auction site where all the items on auction are brand new. Companies sell their overstocked merchandize here, so it is an excellent place to get great deals.
  6. – This powerful site searches the Internet for the best price on any item that you want to purchase.
  7. – This site even allows you to name your own price – on anything from airline tickets to home mortgages.
  8. Use overdraft protection carefully – How does overdraft protection work? It protects you when you do not have enough in your account for the checks you have written. Banks charge almost $20 for every check which bounces, and it is always embarrassing when someone you know contacts you about that bounced check you had written. Overdraft protection is thus a high-interest loan that automatically covers you when you have insufficient funds.
  9. Have a creative way to save money? Post here!

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