Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson. 236th richest person in the world: Biography, Success Qualities, and even the Richard Branson mail address.

Richard Branson Rebel Billionaire

Eccentricity is perhaps Richard Branson’s single best defining quality. Some of his most famous feats include setting the world record by crossing the Atlantic in a small powerboat, making the first successful crossing of the Atlantic in a hot air balloon with Swedish aeronaut Per Lindstrand, throwing fully clothed people into swimming pools, dispatching a Sherman tank to New York’s Times Square to launch Virgin Cola, appearing in a $10,000 silk lace bridal gown to launch Virgin Bride. Branson’s image as an ‘adventure capitalist’ has become one of the most effective form of marketing and promotion for the Virgin group.

The effects of this free publicity are wide and palpable: in a most-admired poll surveying young Britons, Branson ranked second only to Mother Teresa; in another similar poll, he ranked just behind the Pope and the Prince of Wales.

Richard Branson Bio: Innovation

Richard Branson’s greatest strength was his creativity and innovativeness. He launched the first discount record mail-order business in the UK, and later opened Britain’s first discount record store. Other achievements: buying a recording studio and producing a smash hit with the album Tubular Bells, androgynous recording sensation Boy George, controversial punk rock group Sex Pistols.

Richard Branson Biography: Learning from competitors’ mistakes

One of the reasons for Branson’s success was his ability to learn from competitors’ mistakes. He closely quizzed managers of many other low-fare carriers that had been driven under by British Airways and made sure he did not repeat the same mistakes.

Richard Branson Mail Address

Want to contact Sir Richard Branson? Here’s the Richard Branson mail address: Virgin Management Ltd, 120 Campden Hill Road, London, W8 7AR

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