Overcome Writer Block

Overcome Writer Block. Overcoming writer’s block. Even the professional writers, journalists and copywriters find this inevitable.

What is Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is that nagging inability to put words on paper. This can happen unexpectedly from time to time, creating lulls in our daily productivity. You may feel tired, fearful or simply uninspired to write anything. How do you overcome writer’s block?

Overcoming Writer’s Block: Write in bite-sized chunks

Instead of thinking ‘I need to write this article’, think ‘I need to write one more sentence’. The simple thought ‘just one more sentence’ will draw you on even when you are at your most uninspired. As you get through a few ‘one more sentences’, you will usually hit upon a wellspring of ideas that gets your writing flowing again. If not, continue the ‘just one more sentence’ trick.

Overcoming Writer’s Block: Build momentum

The best way to build momentum is to simply write the easiest sections first. Which are the sections of the article that you know must be included at some point in your writing? The easiest sections are usually the factual portions that do not require much thinking. Start by writing those sections first to get your pen flowing.

Overcome Writer’s Block: Nap for twenty minutes

This power nap works wonders sometimes. Writer’s block can sometimes stem from undue tension or stress. A power nap helps free your brain and sets the creative juices flowing again.

Overcome Writer’s Block: Go for a walk / Exercise

Just like a power nap, a walk or a short exercise helps you clear the block in your brain. Over the 30 minutes or so, concentrate intently on walking / any other form of exercise. Do not think about the article you need to get started on – your brain needs time to get refreshed and vitalized.

Overcome Writer’s Block: Rough draft first

Overcome Writer Block: This works wonders for those long articles or speeches that we tend to procrastinate on. Simply spew out anything and everything you can think of. Do not worry about grammar, or whether your ideas are trite, unoriginal, boring. Prune later. Use a tape recorder if necessary.

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