DIY Fashion Tips

DIY Fashion Tips. Here are my favorite fashion tips for guys from Russell Smith’s Men’s Style – The Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress.

Fashion Tips for Men

  • A jacket will always make you feel more confident than a sweater.
  • A beautiful shirt and tie make a bigger first impression than an expensive suit does.
  • If you are spending more on your car audio components than on your clothes, your invitations to fabulous parties are probably limited.
  • If in doubt about the formality of a social occasion, dress down. You will feel sillier as the only man in a dinner jacket than as the only man in a suit.

Fashion Tips for Guys

  • Casual does not mean ugly.
  • Black is still the coolest color for casual wear, despite what anyone who lives in a gated suburb tells you.
  • Minimize the keys in your pocket.
  • If you are losing your hair, cut it shorter.
  • T-shirts given to you for your participation in some event – a folk festival, a fun run, a training seminar, a television studio audience – make excellent paint rags and car-wax buffers.

Men Fashion Tips

  • A shorts jacket and tie is less formal than a suit and tie. A suit with no tie is less formal than a sports jacket with tie.
  • A suit and tie require leather shoes with leather soles.
  • A white shirt is more formal than a colored or patterned shirt. It is also more boring. If you wear a navy suit with a whit shirt and a red tie, you will be mistaken for a Midwestern congressman.
  • Increase the spread in your collar and you will suddenly look a little more dashing.
  • Nothing rust-colored looks good.
  • Tennis hats look hip and urban on twenty-year-olds. On anyone over forty, they look exactly like Tilley hats, made for gardening in and around your bed-and-breakfast.
  • French cuffs are the poor man’s sports car, a stellar luxury for a small price. They make you feel rich and powerful, even when you are not.

DIY Fashion Tip

  • Make sure your shoelaces are parallel, not criss-cross.
  • When in doubt about the tastefulness of a new trend, avoid it. When in doubt about your own taste, buy expensive and conservative – and dressy. If is much easier to go wrong with casual clothes.

Most important DIY Fashion Tip

Stop feeling guilty about vanity. A sensual pleasure in surfaces is a sign of artistic sensitivity.

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