Importance of Giving

Importance of Giving. Why we give. Power of giving and why giving will lead you on the road to wealth and riches.

Power of Giving

Think about this: why do the poor remain poor? Why do the people stuck in the rat race continue running on the treadmill for the rest of their lives? You will discover that these people are poor because they are paradoxically only concerned about their own living.

The poor think only about what they can receive; the rich think about what they can give. The poor believe that everything is scarce and that they should hoard whatever they have to themselves; the rich believe that life is abundant. The poor think ‘it is either this or that’; the rich think ‘it is this and that’.

The Importance of Giving

That is the greatest paradigm shift that can and will change your life. All the greatest wealth mentors have written about the power of giving. Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, W Clement Stone… As Confucius noted in The Analects, ‘You yourself desire rank and standing; then help others to get rank and standing. You want to turn your own merits to account; then help others to turn theirs to account.’

Switch your outlook by focusing on how and what you can give instead of what you will receive. When you learn to give, you elevate yourself to the vantage point of the wealthy. Business opportunities and ideas will appear when you think about how you can help make other people’s lives better, easier, happier. And as you give, you will be rewarded with the most lavish gifts from everyone whose life you have changed.

Power of Blessing

Bless those around you. That puts you on the highest vibrational frequency. Only those who are the most generous have the capacity to bless others. And others will lavish you with energy, enthusiasm and appreciation.

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